Public Cloud based IaaS and Security Automation - Intro

 Sanjay Basu With the recent Equifax breach and Accenture leaving customer data unencrypted on AWS S3, the security around the public cloud has again come to the forefront. The leading public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, and Oracle have a two-pronged strategy for securing their public Infrastructure-as-a-Service. These providers have segmented out cloud security into Security Controls of their underlying infrastructure and Security in the customer-managed environments running on top of their infrastructure. These CSPs are directly responsible for the Security of the Cloud. Additionally, for the Security in the Cloud, they provide guidance to the customers, in the form of best practices documentation, step-by-step "HowTo's", support contracts, and professional service engagements.  Every customer whether small, medium, or enterprise should follow what I call the three laws or fundamental tenets of cloud security. 1. Protect sensitive data at res